Loan refinancing


Refinance your consumer loans with Credits!


Take the opportunity to withdraw a larger loan amount with a longer repayment period, and repay only one monthly installment.


Fast approval procedure, lower commissions !!!

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Credit amount:
from 10,000 to 180,000
Repayment period:
3 to 36 months
Application in processing:
15 minutes

Why Refinancing With Credits Is A Great Way To Save Money?

Пренесете го кредитот
Closing existing loans

If you have one or more loans in a bank or other financial institution, refinance your loans with us! Fast approval procedure, lower commissions !!!

Подобрување на условите
Improving conditions

By refinancing your loans with us, you will have the opportunity to close your existing loans with one loan with a lower monthly installment and a longer repayment period!

Позајмете дополнително
Borrow additionally

By refinancing your existing loans with Credits, in addition to closing them, you will have the opportunity to borrow additional funds on favorable terms!

contact number 051/49 24 30

You can refinance your loans if

  • You are over 20 years old
  • You have a consumer loan in another financial company
    (bank, financial company for fast loans)

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